Vash the Stampede


This honestly was kinda a quickie costume for me. I got the main coat done in a couple days work, and then the fun part on this was that I ran out of money and I had to find a creative solution for the buttons, because that many buttons gets sooooo expensive. I wound up making them out of washers, and I used some leftover leather scraps glued onto them, and sewed them on. ^^ The first batch of them I used fabric, and it was too weak-a lot of them wound up popping off ^^;;;

For the gloves, I was lucky enough to be doing this in the spring, so all the winter leather gloves were on sale, so I got a pair for $6, and with some more of my leftover leather, I made a sleeve that fitted up on my arm, and one of the straps snaps over the seam so it looks like one long glove ^^

I still have quite a bit of work to do on it-I still need to add the rest of the straps on the coat, add some more straps on mechanical arm, get a proper wig for it (I used my Harley wig ^^;;;) sunglasses, and a good gun. ^^;;; And possibly shoot up my coat ^^

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Series Trigun
Character Vash the Stampede

Kyuuei I love this. (: