Shadow the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog



I was pretty pleased with how this costume turned out. Shadow is rarely cosplayed, so I liked the idea of the costume being very unique, and of my own design. I love how I get comments like, "Oh my gosh Shadow!" and "Holy crap it's Shadow!". It's really fun. I also love how the boots came out. It wasn't until after the con that I finally saw a picture of me, and could see how the boots looked.

I absolutely love the flurries and black fur trim on the dress. I also made the ears out of the same black fur the trim is made out of to balance out the fur.

After the first set of boots that I wore to K-con '05 crash and burned (And they killed my feet. x_x), I went for round two in '06. These new boots that I painted were much more comfortable, and chipped less. (But none the less they still chipped.) I just don't like how I need to touch up the paint after wearing them.


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Series Sonic the Hedgehog
Character Shadow the Hedgehog
Variant Female Version


shadowofnight hey your costumes of Shadow the hedghog is very cool ^^ My name is César im of Brazil my msn [email protected] I have very costumes of sonic and shadow