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I've fallen in love with Bleach. Not really love... but actually an addiction. lol Need.... more.... Bleach....

The costume was made with black twill, muslin (woo! lol), and yellow cotton. The Jacket itself is casa satin with the wrong side facing out and orange cotton for the lining. The armwarmers were jersey knit.

My friend Ainslye and I used a traditional hakama pattern. I use the term "pattern" lightly. It was actually a set of directions with tons of different measurements to mark, plus a pattern for the koshiita/backboard.

The koshiita/backboard had to be handsewn onto the hakama due to the thickenss of the fabric and layers of interfacing. What a workout!

The wig was bought from the wig store and styled. The braids were just like the Trainer Yuna "tail." They were made from white nylon strap that is used for bookbags. The circles on the end are styrofoam painted and with the hair extentions attached. The braids are handsewn into the wig.


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Series Bleach
Character Soi Fong
Variant Captain Uniform


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