Midnight Rose


Midnight Rose was a J-Rock based character I designed for Halloween. I love her punk angel look; she's a sweetheart and a badass all in one!

Because I was pressed for time, I made her mostly out of found items. Her dress is one from Hot Topic which I tweaked a bit, adding some extra ribbons, ripped material, and stars. The rose pink and black punk wig is something I snatched off of eBay and teased out, and the wings are something I've had in my closet for awhile. Then I just added some ripped tights, go-go boots, some makeup and jewelery, and I was ready to rock! ^^

It's a great outfit, relatively warm for walking outside and still cool enough to dance in. My wings got some wear and tear damage dancing, but since they are supposed to be gothy anyway, I think that just gives them character.
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Character Midnight Rose
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