Lost Universe



Vorfeed is my second favorite character from Lost Universe. She didn't get much screen time in the anime, but I absolutely adore her outfit. I'm going to modify the side slit in her skirt to not be so risque while keeping the cosplay as accurate as possible.

I used a generic satin fabric for the dress and cape because I wanted to play up the fact that Vorfeed is a hologram and holograms have a certain sheen to them that generic satin has inheritly. This is one of the few times I've actually wanted to us satin since I abhor the sheen. I used wide ribbon for the pink detailing and just folded it in half for the under bust detailing. The cape was a long rectangle that I hemmed and played with to get it to hang right.

Overall I'm really happy with this cosplay. If you have any questions regarding how I made this cosplay feel free to PM me. I'll get back to you as soon as possible.


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Series Lost Universe
Character Vorfeed
Variant Alicia's AI


Narnian Thank you! ^_^

Volphiedfan Considering that (look at my name) Vorfeed is the prettiest anime character of all time, you did that anime goddess justice!

Gunslinger1888 This wig is awesome!

junii Oh wow, this outfit is really pretty! That wig really suits you, and the idea of the satin to make the "hologram" effect was a cool idea!