Mello (Mihael Keehl)

Death Note



Not. Done.
Soo far from being done.
The only thing that I like so far is my wig, my belt, and my boots. That and my chocolate, but I suppose that doesn't really count...

I'm freaking dedicating this cosplay to Juliapop. (can you even do that? Ah well, I am.) I can't even COUNT how many times she saved me from cosplay-induced seizures and heart attacks. I would have thrown in the towel (and DIED) three hundred plus times if it wasn't for her. I made it though! It's maiden voyage was AnimeVegas 2010! And I wasn't hated on once. ^^ I actually got a lot of nice compliments and pictures and hugs which made me feel so much better because, as you can tell, I'm not done with Mello at all. :DD
K thx, bai!
(PS. You have no idea how awesome it was getting to eat chocolate all day. It melted in the Vegas heat like hell, but still! I was a happy Mello. :33)


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Last Updated 9 years ago
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Series Death Note
Character Mello (Mihael Keehl)
Variant Pre-Scar


Asa Gohan Best Mello Ever.

Kasinator Really digging the use of chocolate bars.

Juliapop Have I told you lately that you're awesome? Because you are. Seriously, you make a pretty badass Mello, and this cosplay has the potential to get even better (you've already heard my advice.) I can't wait to see where you take it in the future! I feel so loved for having this cosplay dedicated to me. You'll always be the favorite, Mihael. <3