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I'm so happy that I finally got to tackle this costume and work on it with a lot of skills that I developed. The first time I saw the artwork for this, I thought that anyone who attempted this costume was insane...then I made it..haha It took me from December to May and was well worth it in the end :)

The fabric I chose was a bridal satin, which wasn't extremely shiney like other satins and had a nice weight to it (so it didnt feel flimsy). I wanted something which suited the dress too, and since it looks like a wedding dress, what better choice than actual wedding dress material hahaha

The dress is made in two seperate peices (the main part of the dress). The top is like a mini dress and the bottom is a two layered skirt with added panels.
The train is about 1.5 metres long and took WAY too long to make. In total i have three layers to the dress, and each layer trains in the back.

The sleeves were attached after and had to be redesigned because I forgot about them >-> So they were made after and sewed on which worked out pretty good. I followed the same design that I did for my chapter 100 sleeves for the top and it was modified for the bottom.

The scalloping and design was the longest process for this costume. The sewing was no problem; the actual 'magic' of the costume was what cost me an arm and a leg >: Before, I was debating to either silk screen the deisgn, iron-on-transfer, or paint. In the end paint won. It was all free handed and i used a gold fabric paint that smelled like lemons and had a pretty gold sparkle to it!! So good. From january to May, most of my free time and weekends were consumed by painting this. (Eventually I started dreaming about the deisgns!) haha I totalled the hours and in the end, I saw that I had spent ~211 hours on just the painting @[email protected] In the end though, it turned out great and I was really happy with it!

The headpiece I think was the hardest part of the costume. I didn't want to use a chiffon material because I wanted it to be made of the same material as the dress. Sad part was that it would be heavier, so i had to find a way to distribute the weight better. I first came up with this wired frame that would go on my neck and back, but then that seemed...stupid. So then I asked lutea for help, and I got suggestions of using magnets, different material, sewing it on my wig..etc. but I didn't really like any of those. Magnets really scare me too orz. Eventually, the solution came to me with two large hair clips, two hairbands, and my flower clips! It worked out and both lutea and I doubted that it would work..but it did! haha so I was happy and on my way. In between each layer is organza material to give it the extra oomph!
The flowers from the headpiece were made from foam, covered in bridal satin, and painted (thank you to lutea for that help <3). The spheres are pompoms that were painted yellow because we didn't have enought yellow pompoms ORZ. They attach to my head with hairclips.

The bustle is seperate and ties around my waist. Its two layers and has tulle in between each layer to give it oomph! It was the last thing I made and was pretty easy to make!! Just a bunch of gathering and pulling~

I have a hoopskirt underneath the dress and Mikini helped me order it. I love hoopskirts ^O^

Mikini is my fabulous Syaoran and I love her to death for doing this costume with me! I regret not wearing it again and I wish to wear it again with my Syaoran! She worked so hard on it and it made me so happy when I saw it come all together at the con that day!

So yeah! If you have any questions about this costume, don't hesitate to ask! Just give me a pm :)


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Series Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle
Character Sakura-hime
Variant Chapter 125 artwork splash


camusaquarius so wonderfull. i like it

sakuraflame wonderfull!!

Narnian Absolutely gorgeous cosplay! All the detailing is epic and the wonderful description is very helpful.

LuNarr So beautiful~! All the details look great. The material you used looks fantastic! Wonderful job! You should be super proud. :)

Maranatha Ahhhh! -fangirl squeal- Thank you for making this costume! It is one of my dreams to make this, so seeing that it can be done is a great encouragement! You captured the heart of it so well...