Uchiha Sasuke




Sasuke's Shippuden outfit.

-I went ahead and made the shirt a very light blue. I couldn't find the exact off-white I wanted to use, so I stuck with light blue. It looks very light in most outdoor photos, and that one manga picture had it as a light blue. The symbol was painted on with fabric paint and a homemade stencil.
-I'm not terribly happy with the skirt yet. I'm still trying to figure out a way to make it look more layered like Sasuke's does, if that makes any sense. Suggestions are welcome.
-The rope was (I think) 3/4" thick nylon white rope from Home Depot, dyed to a light purple.
-The sword was made from a piece of wood bought from Home Depot, sanded down to make it less sharp and more harmless. I measured pieces of thin cardboard for the handle, but didn't quite finish the sheath in time. Hopefully that will be done by Fanime.
-For my... erm, chest, I bought a tan-colored shirt from Wal-Mart and covered it with bandages. I'll probably do it the other way around for Fanime.
-The black pants were just the the ones I use for many of my costumes.
-I do have a wig for this costume that got worn to Fanime and SacAnime in July, but I wasn't pleased with it. I'm in the process of styling a new one.

Hopefully a slightly improved version will debut at Fanime this year. :D


There are no photos in this costume yet.

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Series Naruto
Character Uchiha Sasuke
Variant Shippuden Version


phantomjunkie Where did you get the wig you used previously? I'm trying to find a good wig to style for Sasuke and I haven't had any luck. :/