White Mage Yuna

Final Fantasy X-2



I never though I'd do a yuna cosplay! I wanted to make one that wasn't as popular or frequently done as some of her other cosplays and white mage was a random choice! AND its Yuna! She's a sweet character! So why not right?

this took a long three months to do and well...it was a make-a-mistake-and-then-learn-from-it type of costume. The sleeves were hell, so i won't go into detail with that....&gt;_<

i think the cost of this was one of the cheapest costume i ever made cus i had most of the fabric already or it was all on sale X3 so thats a good thing too XD


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Created 13 years ago
Series Final Fantasy X-2
Character white Mage yuna


p1ng666 great job! i love this!

Koria beautiful! I love the level of detail on this <3!

Krystel-chan kawaii!!! i like youre cosplay!!!! n_n