Seto Kaiba


This was the first costume that I made.

Battle City trench coat:

For the basics (outer part of the costume) I used a lab coat and added extra white polyester / cotton to add length to the coat. To make it flare, I used strong bridal netting and sewed it underneath the material.

For the inner linning of the coat, I used a light fushia shimmering synthetic/polyester silky material and sewed it underneath. For the high collar and high shoulders, I used a combination of starch polyester timetex blend to make the collar stand up.

For the bracers that he wears on his forearms I used gray feather (fake leather) and added thick silver ribbon to make it look matalic. I then used velcrow to fasten them to my forearms.
I then added metal studs and attached them onto the coat, the collar and the bracers.

Belt, pants, shirt, boots, and card locket:

For the belt, I dyed a leather belt green and added the studs to the side. I also used a plain metal belt buckle and stuck together white embroidded KC letters onto. Lastly I used a silver paint marker to color in the letters.

I used simple tight fitting black cotton/nylon stretch pants and blue velco for the straps that were on my legs and arms.

I used a cotton based long sleve black shirt with a turtle neck for the shirt.

I used my black boots with a heel to complete the footwear.

For the card locket, I used brown leather lace and a metal rectangular shape and glued the back of a card on the outside.

Currently I'm improving my costume with better blue straps such as leather, and to improve the card locket.

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