Kaoru Hitachiin

Ouran High School Host Club

There was a group planned for Auchinawa 2006, which gradually expanded to include all the characters. summoner_eilidh and I joined up as the twins (not very convincing ones, but never mind...). Eventually we ended up hosting the EGL tea party at the con, and again at AmeCon 2007.

I found the blazers online, which was difficult when the majority of sites wouldn't ship to the UK, so I went through I lot of different options...In the end I found a place which had all the sizes we needed in stock and it worked out great! We had to paint the buttons blue and persuade the collars to sit differently, but there wasn't too much work involved in adapting them.

We ordered ties and patches together as well to ensure we'd all match. I ironed stripes on to everyone's ties, put most of the patches on the blazers, and also got fake roses for the group in a £shop (of all places, I love the irony). The rest of the costumes were up to the individuals. The wigs for myself and summoner_eilidh were from Wig Elegance on ebay.
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Series Ouran High School Host Club
Character Kaoru Hitachiin
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