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We were supposed to put together a Persona 2 -group years ago and back then I had my eyes on Helios. A friend of mine was considering Callisto and I did some brain work back then to figure out how to create the costume. The group never came to be but the plans lived on. And when I decided to make a ridiculously complex costume after three long years of comfy cosplays, I immediately thought of Callisto.

The costume turned out way better that I dared to expect. It looks really complex but either years of cosplay-experience have paid off or the design really isn't that difficult to execute.

All in all, I love this costume and I know that I say this after pretty much every single cosplay of mine, but you know: "This has got to be my favourite cosplay up to date."


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Created 10 years ago
Series Persona 2
Character Callisto


CelestialShadow This is an amazing costume! I love persona 2 (its my fave out of the series) and it never seems to get the attention that it deserves so my hats off to you for this wonderful Calisto cosplay!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bur Loire This costume is absolutely amazing. I love it to the moon and back *o* Great work on everything!

okashi-chan Hi. I LOVED your costume and you were so cool on stage! (Yes, i was in group 15 and im a cosplay noob) YOU ROCK : )