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This costume was created by Claudia Arana from "Freak Tower" and me, she's a great friend and one of the most talented people I have ever met. Without all her help I could've never done this cosplay ;)

Construction notes:

The little wings on the head were done with fabric, wire for the structure, sculpting material and plastic old cables to simulate the "bones". They are fully removable and very light-weighted.

The wig is "Tina" from Cosworx in turquoise, styled and cut by me.

The big wings were done with plastic tubing (pieces of hula hoop to be more precise) with wire inside to maintain the desired shape, then everything was cover in fabric and finalize with some sculpting material to create the tips of the wings and the little bone "claw" at the top. All the materials were chosen especifically to keep the wings as light as posible.

The body is made out of a very strong pleather and it has two small "pockets" behind in wich the wings are inserted, the body holds up because of the strong material and the lightweight wings. On the inside it has a bra cup for support and shape, that comes with clear detachable straps for comfort.

The stockings were died from scratch (I think I messed up about 15 pairs just trying to get the right color T.T), the little bats were painted while I was wearing them with a stencil and a sponge with very little paint to avoid leaking.

The gloves were died from scratch and the feathers are sewn to them in an elastic band to allow me movement on the arms. The band also has little hooks on the ends for attachment to the body.

And the boots were custom made for the outfit.

Hope you guys like it!

*Fun fact* when the head wings were finished my dog ate one of the them... Seriously, I got home and found him chewing on the little thing &gt;.<


A loooot of people have been asking me to explain in more detail how I made the wings, so I'll try to be more specific:

Pieces of Hula Hoops were used to create the basic shape of the wing (mainly because they're alredy curved and VERY light) and a very thick wire was used inside the Hula Hoops to obtain my desired form. Then the pieces of Hula Hoop were "glued" together with and sculpty material (in Colombia it's called epoxy putty) that's extremely strong.

After having the basic shape they were covered with 2 very light fabrics, a burgundy one for the inside and a black pleather for the outside, everything had to be sewn by hand since there was no way to get the wings on a sewing machine :P
Finally I used regular sculpty to create the little claws at the top and the little black points at the bottom for the finishing touches.

For the bodice 2 little small bags were created (in VERY strong black pleather), that were sewn to the back of the body and the wings are slided in those bags or "pockets". The pockets are quite small (in wideness), but long and strong in order to be able to hold the weight of the wings, and sliding the wings in requires a lot of pressure (wich helps them stay in place aswell). So basically the wings stay in place because they're very light and because of the pressure.

Hope this helps a little bit more, there's really no way for me to guide every one on every step of the way, so please don't ask me to give you a step by step, besides one of the great things about creating a cosplay is figuring out how you're going to solve the challenges in the costume ^^


@Mrs. Hyde
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Thélema Gracias por tan detallada explicación, me encanta tu cosplay y creo que estás guapísima de Morrigan. Ahora voy a atacar este traje yo, si me queda la mitad de bien que el tuyo estaré feliz :)

SeprenMaelstrom Stunning cosplay! It comes together really well for you. =] Serious credit to you and to Ms Claudia for making this costume! I have to say, the lower wings look completely amazing.

DarksDante Wow no sabia que eras de esta ciudad... o.o vi tus cosplays y eres una de las mas bellas Morrigan que he visto...ummm creo ke tengo ke ver tus otras fotos eres excelente ^^

ThatNatalieKid First of all I would just like to say wow! you make an absolutely stunning Morrigan! Im wanting to cosplay her and this gives me drive and inspiration! and secondly I was wondering if you would ever commission this exact costume? and if so how much?! I sooooo would be willing to pay its gorgeous! haha because I love cosplaying but I'm hopeless at sewing :( hahaha

kairytara No puedo creer q seas colombiana, siempre he adorado este cosplay, porque algún día quisiera hacer de Morrigan

terraend Wow en verdad tu Morrigan esta perfecta. Y eres preciosa.

Elisawhite how you did the wings???

choushu clan Heya! before I did my own Morrigan I came across yours and let me say, your execution helped me alot!! Just thought I would comment finally and say how awesome ur cosplay is!!

kusanagib Excelente, la verdad que uno ve esas fotos y queda sin palabras. Felicitaciones :)

Haruhigurashi Realmente es un cosplay espectacular, te felicito por la dedicación, hiciste hasta el más minimo detalle, me encanto.

VersaillesKelpi Siento volver a molestarte >< Pero quería preguntarte una cosa más sobre este cosplay TwT Es sobre el corsé. Me estoy volviendo loca por que no se como demonios sujetarlo. Es más, estoy pensando en hacer uno nuevo, pero sigo sin saber como sujetarme la parte del pecho TuT Utilicé dos copas para esa parte pero no es que queden muy bien u.u Y luego... las alas no sé con que sujetarlas, lo suyo sería ponerme un corsé o un arnés, pero con la espalda al aire quizas se vea uwu Muchas gracias por todo >___< Disculpa las molestias T^T Eres la mejor, Mrs Hyde!

VersaillesKelpi Si eres de Colombia, quiere decir que puedes hablar español o al menos me puedes entender!!! Bieeeen!!! :DDDDD Al habla Blanx ^^ Que está intentando hacerse el cosplay de Morrigan (nunca llegaré a tu nivel *___* pero quiero hacerlo lo mejor posible ^^) Mas o menos, he entendido que el body está hecho de una tela resistente... ¿Es polipiel o algo así? Después, he de alabar tus alas, son magníficas. Impresionantes ^^ Dios, que ilusión, poder hablar con una Morrigan perfecta en español *O* Eres la mejor, ne!!!^^

LuNarr Stunning! You make a gorgeous Morrigan! :D

sandyshadow hola, k bien hablas español me encanto tu morrigan *¬*

nightko That's perfect! The scenery, costume, makeup, the colors, the scale...everything is right on! Reminds me some of the best Morrigan fan arts, and you are now the best Morrigan cosplayer! Really really good. ^_^

AuraRinoa This is the most astonishing Morrigan's Cosplay I've ever seen, seriously!

astra_morganti hola!! que bien te quedo, eres de las mejores morrigan´s que he visto (que son como 3 contandote a ti XD) hay muy pocas chicas que se parescan, felicidades, :D sobre todo me gustan las alas (pequeñas y grandes) y las medias, nunca he entendido como las consiguen asi con los vampiritos y todo XD. de cualquier forma no dejes el cosplay se ve que le pones empeño y te salen muy bien. sigue asii!!! saludos desde México XD

Melodious Nocturne may i ask how you attached the wings? cause im cosplaying nebilim from Tales of the abyss. and im trying to get ideas! X.x your cosplaying is so amazing!

ninjacylon I was going to cosplay as Morrigan for A-KON but now... how do I top this?? IMPOSSIBLE! You're gorgeous and this was very well made!

Alkimista simplemente increíble :) buen trabajo