Captain Juushiro Ukitake




The only way to go about absolutely loving a character like Captain Ukitake is to spend two days straight making a shihakusho and four days straight making a Captain's haori. This is quite easily, without factoring in binding, my very comfiest costume. I love my Captain's haori to smithereens even though I made it a little too long. I ain't gonna fix that because I love it too much and it would be too hard anyway.

The only thing I don't like about this costume is that Cosworx's white wigs are not white. They are in fact tinted yellow, and it is a very gross shade. This is especially so when held against a pure white Captain's haori, and is really, really noticeable. I am never getting a white wig from Cosworx again unless I'm planning on dyeing it a different shade. It's just plain disgusting.

This outfit makes me feel so cool, though. Especially since I have pockets in my sleeves, and I had candy in them, and people loved it when I pulled candy from my sleeves and gave it to them. I also had a bloody rag (hand-applied blood from blood capsules- after popping a blood capsule in my mouth to cough blood and unpleasantly finding it to be the most horrific thing I had ever tasted) and would cough periodically.

This is a very, very, very fun costume. I don't think I'll ever be retiring it. I love it far too much.


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Series Bleach
Character Captain Juushiro Ukitake


Yasuharu I love it!! I wish you could be the Ukitake to my Hitsugaya! Besides, it'd be a great excuse to tow around a bag of candy c:

Cloudsofsand You are an amazing Ukitake! I love it! :D

Yazmine Awesome! =)

prudence_jane Your Ukitake was absolutely amazing, and is probably the best I've seen (It's also probably one of the best Shinigami costumes I've seen in general.) I didn't think that the wig was that noticeable. :)

Mariks_Dragon thats one of the best Ukitaka I have ever seen

Shananigans this costume came out very well! It's a shame there aren't more comments for it. Seriously, awesome job :)

Xinck You are a very awesome Ukitake! Very nice cosplay!