Howl (Green Slime)

Howl's Moving Castle



It should be pretty obvious by now that I'm a total HMC cosplay nut, and that I'm working my way through all the Howl costumes I can. I'm quite aware that No Costume is No Costume, but I also have very bad taste so I was good to go at being the hottest slime-covered wizard that a 5'2" cosplayer girl can be. This was so incredibly horrible yet fun. The slime was magically summoned up with the help of some sugarfree jell-o, and was a bit of a pain to remove. XD


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Last Updated 13 years ago
Created 14 years ago
Series Howl's Moving Castle
Character Howl (Green Slime)
Variant Green Slime


B-Shira OMG! This version I cannot believe it!

KratosSamurai2 This makes me very, very happy. /applause

usakou awesome!

TheLovelyBones Amazing! I love how you captured the little green bubble thingies, too. ^^' I love Howl's Moving Castle, and I'm aiming to cosplay as him in his beast form, which should be challenging ((and messy! ;D)) But this is fantastic work. It's unique, too. -_^

Pem I am so happy someone has done this - not that I thought anyone ever would, but it's great to see! Quite an epic scene with an epic rendition to match! As well as the slime in itself, I love your attention to the actual scene setting in itself for the photos, great stuff you have here.

Sheik Chan What's the point in living if you can't be beautiful? :O

cydonian This is the EPIC. I've never seen any cosplayer do Howl with the slime :D

Jaisuke Coolest theme ever. And one of my favourite scenes/lines :3

PapouGirl I applaud you. I LOVE Howl's Moving Castle, and I've seen quite a few cosplayers, but I never thought I'd see someone do this seen. You definently made me day. :] Keep up the good qork!