Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children



I gave myself a week to make this costume. Somehow, it just kept getting more and more complicated from there.
How to make shoulderpads that definitely curl, but are of the same material as the coat? How to make arm cuffs that stick out in a perfect circle? How to attatch the wing pattern?
The initial Jacket is of my own pattern, and from there Yui and I combined our mental capacities to pattern the wings(done by tracing them out over the actual jacket, and then cutting them out, sewing and liquidstitching them on...while still wearing the jacket). The shoulderpads were done using foam sewn underneath the vinyl we used. And the circle cuffs consist of a strip of metal sewn into the arm.

I finally fixed the wig to my satisfaction...it has so many layers in it, now. o.o And for Acen 2007, I made a sword in 2 days that Yui painted for me. Much happiness. ^.^


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Series Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Character Kadaj


Hikaru-Sama You make a very beautiful Kadaj