Dark Nurse

Silent Hill (movie)



This time, I deliberately didn't make a huge effort towards accuracy. I made this costume for the Zombie Walk flash mob, which means I would have to walk on the strees wearing it. So, it couldn't be too short, too skin tight and the cleavage couldn't be revealing. Still I think it's pretty awesome and I'm proud of it!

Somehow I managed to convince my brother to cosplay as Pyramid Head (we made a game-movie hybrid version) and together we had so much fun!

On later August, a friend of mine made Pyramid Head's movie version and I lent him the helmet. On the night before the con we decided to join YCC couple contest; even with a last minute skit we still managed not to be the last team \o/


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Series Silent Hill (movie)
Character Dark Nurse


emmawg *drooll*

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