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Made for a symphony performance of the score from Fellowship of the Ring. :) I did the "jacketless" variant, as my attempts at the frock coat failed epicly, I couldn't find decent fabric for it anyway, and I like my shirt showing. :P

This costume was PAIN to make. ;_; I was finishing things up just hours before it's debut... I do like how it turned out, though. :) It's my first attempt at recreating a "real" costume (as opposed to a drawing).

Wig: Tousled Beauty in color #2 from Amphigory.

Ears: Hobbit Ears from Aradani Studios.

Ring and Chain: Ring from E-bay, the chain is jewelry chain I had.

Traveling Cloak: The fabric is olive hemp. I did a mock-up pattern, basing it on an image I found online of one of the Frodo toy's capes (that was supposed to be very accurate). Hems are fray-blocked.

Vest: The fabric is DeBall Velvet Earth (100% cotton) from Denver Fabrics. Pattern is Simplicity 7030 with alterations. I used another pattern for the welt pocket, but it was a very old pattern that looked like it was from the sixties. xD

Shirt: The fabric is Off-White Linen from Fashion Fabrics Club. Pattern is Simplicity 7030, with alterations. Buttons are self covered, I'd like to get more accurate ones in the future. ^^;;

Suspenders: Civil War reenactment suspenders from E-bay. They're not dead-on, but they're not even gonna show, so... close enough. xD If I ever do a version of Frodo where the suspenders show, I'll most likely embroider these or learn inkle-weaving. :) I made the front suspender ends out of leather.

Trousers: The fabric is Brown Velvet (100% cotton) from Denver Fabrics. The pattern is Simplicity 4923, with mild alterations. The buttons are self-covered.

Foot Hair: Human hair (found on E-bay), also in color #2. If you buy it loose, it's shockingly cheap... I got a bunch for only around 8 USD. :) I curled it with a curling iron, and attached it with Spirit Gum.

Topless Sandals: E-bay.


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Kazephyr Wow, thank you! ^_^ No worries, the camera flash made the shirt look way whiter than it is. XD It's actually ivory. ^^;;

Blanko That looks really good and actually like it could be on the set :3 The only thing I'd say is that the white shirt is a bit too white but other than that major kudos <333