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...I was revived with a shower.
I raided my parents hotel room : D

So: This was hot as hell, but a bit awesome too, since people appreciated it quite some. I didn't win any price for it, but I got A LOT of pictures (hopefully awesome) from different people, and we (Yami_no_Cosmos and I) had a photoshoot with Artano in the sand (...) xD

I'll probably get some pictures the next couple days, and hopefully, will not look 'too* ugly.
Like at our photoshoot, I wore suspenders.
Blue suspenders.

Ah come on, I didn't have any time over to go hunting for suspenders. black ones.

I arrived at NärCon at Friday and wore only my arm, and therefor failed some, since, well, the only accurate thing I wore was gray jeans. I had a brown hoodie with zipper and a headband and a black shirt, but people liked my arm, so I got some pictures there too xD

And thanks to EVERYONE that actually liked it, I'm insane when it comes to details, and wont be happy until it's completely right, even if I know I can never be (Read: Waist. it's frickin X shaped. I do not look like that)
So thanks to everyone that just came up to me and " were you Alex Mercer? You were so damn awesome" : D
Thanks :D


This costume was done in about 1-2 weeks. I had started earlier on my armblade, but everything else (including "armpart" of the blade) was done in that time... Therefore some parts looks like crapola.
This is...practically all just foam. hot-glued like crazy.
The helmet is fiberglass though.

hm...anything else, just ask. :]


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Character Alex Mercer
Variant armour + arm blade


Kolibrichen This is just awesome! I'd love to see your costume live! ;__;

DinahMaster *screams silently from adoration* This is AMAZING!!! I love it! It's perfect!!!

Mercer[Alex-j] this is honestly the best blade arm i have EVER seen!!I would LOVE to know what materials u used, please give me some pointers!! REALLY INCREDIBLE!!! KK thanks i would really appreciate it!!! =D

Mellie AWESOME O_o you will look great, don't worry!

Ivan King™ This is the MAN!!!