Hands of Blue




So this was the first costume I wore to a convention because it was pretty easy to make with things I already owned (only had to buy the gray shirt and prop). Plus, it allowed me to get away with wearing glasses. Here's a list of what I used, where I got them, and cost.

- black suit
- gray shirt
- black skinny tie
- black belt
- blue gloves
- black shoes
- death device prop: made myself for ~$10. Bought a thin PVC pipe, painted it blue with silver tips, and then glued on a foam handle, and wrapped black tape around it. I know that's not exactly like the one seen in the show, but it's practical for holding.

A note for anyone who might want to order the "Firefly Death Device" prop from an online retailer (King of Swords), they had over a month to deliver it, didn't do it, and I didn't get a refund until I threatened legal action. So be warned!


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