Dark Sailor Mercury

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon



I've always loved Mercury, and the whole Dark Mercury storyline in the Live Action Sailor Moon TV series was fantastic. (If you haven't seen this series, GO WATCH IT! It seems ridiculous at first but it is made of awesome!) And her costume had many cool touches to differentiate it from the regular Sailor Mercury costume. I had fun with it! As with everything I do that I get *almost* right, I want to fix this costume up and wear it again. One day I will! (I need a better picture, anyway!! *cry*)

I love the bow. The original was molded plastic, but I created that with paint and feathers and I love, love, love and adore how it came out.

On the other hand, I HATE THE WIG. Please don't look at it. >__< It was the wrong color to begin with, it wouldn't style, and it kept popping off my head. Close runners-up: The skirt, which hung at just the right spot on my dressmaker's dummy but on my short torso was way too high. And the boots, which I didn't have time to finish. I desperately want to fix those three things, and give this costume another shot when I can really be proud of it.

UPDATE 2015: I finally have a wig I like! The boot covers didn’t sit right though. Still needs work.


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