queen Rutela of Zora

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess



Why did you choose this character ? she's a rare character in cosplay (because hard to make I think)
I'm a zelda games fanatic and I love zora ! strange mermaid with a tail back their head !!
Rutela is the one zora with orange corail colour, the colors and gradient (with the beautiful artwork) have convince me to make it !

it's a difficult costume here but I like challenge ! =)

How long did you take to make it ?
- 6 months
How did you make :

the parts most difficult to make : the head and hair, I made an helmet with paper clay and craft foam.

the simplest parts :
the jewels
advantages of this costume :

disadvantages of this costume :
bad for walking across a convention ! XD

when and for what occasion did you wear this dress ?
Japan expo 2011
Did you earn rewards for your costume at the cosplay contest ?
3rd pace to cosplay show, friday,

video here :



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Series The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Character queen Rutela of Zora


STM trop la classe ton costume!!!

Narnian Stunning! You did a gorgeous job!

NiGHTmaren This is just stunning, I love the colors, so vibrant! Wonderful job constructing a very challenging costume!

Bijouxdemon That is awesome! I love the videos too! What was the name of the song that you used?

Hylian Jean Awesome that she's finally done! These are really cool photos with all the beams of light behind you!

Earthychan This is going to look so awsome! I cant wait to see it when its done!

Knux02 looking very much forward to it! you are such a great and talented zelda cosplayer!