Ah chii. I've been wanting to do this costume for forever. Ever seince last year. Then my friend agreed to be Freya with me. We decided to do oposites. So She made freyas regular costume, and I based mine of hers only in white and pink. Also, where Freya had a buckle, I had a bow. Our costumes turened out pretty diferent though. I still loved doing this. i got a lot of people asking to take my picture at the con, I was so happy!! I painted the shoes myself, because we couldn't find any the right color. My fabulous mom did most of this, but I helped. The ears were all me. The skit is a...wait for it...round tablecloth. Kind of weird I know, but I really liked the final result. and the white bit of the top is a kind of belly shirt bra thing that we modifyed. Yes, that is my real hair, getting a wig seemed a little silly when my hair was so close...just not quite as pale as I would have liked. So, how is it?? It's one of my first cosplays ever, so please, comments are loved.


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