Princess Zelda

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess



Wow, it's been so long since I've uploaded a new costume! It's been a very hectic couple years, between moving and changing jobs. Since I started this costume a year and four months ago, I've dreamed of this day! Lol~ Anyway, this is definitely the most work I've ever put into a costume. I can safely say I made everything, with the exception of the ears, from scratch. I made the models for the gems, molded, and cast them myself. The armor and all the accessories I made from model magic (armor is made from craft foam and model magic coated in fiberglass resin). The glyphs on the bodice I spent a painful month and a half hand-embroidering, and all the other embroidery I darned on my sewing machine. I dyed the gradient on the tabard myself, and appliqued everything else. The wig is a whole 'nother nightmare, but I'm so pleased with how it turned out. ^w^

Phew, now that I've completed this costume, as crazy as it sounds, I want to do another one. XD You can expect TP Zelda red and black variants from me in the coming days, lol. XD


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Series The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Character Princess Zelda


STM really good job That's a very nice costume congratulation!!!

Raindrop This is beautiful! You did a phenomenal job! Might I ask where did you get your ears?

thewiseheart Wow! I don't think anyone will forget that Zelda is the girl ever again...

everxsarah absolutely fantastic! Great job :3

LittleLunaGirl seriously wish i can borrow this for Q-con next year!! Was figuring out what to dress as and basically zelda is the only person i will ever want to dress as! Although, her clothes are so complicated and i was planning to handmake it with help from clothes i'll buy from shops but then the shoulders, crown, tabard and other parts of jewellery would be the hardest part as well as the embroidery! Seriously wishing i can borrow this! Well done!

PinkEquestrian akuriko, Fantastic Work! Thank you so much for listing the material which you used on the armor and accessories! I am going to attempt to make a Zelda Costume ( won't be any where as detailed as your master piece) but am hoping to pull it off in two months. I do have a few questions for you if you wouldn't mind help point me in the right direction, I would be so very greatful! Thanks for sharing!

azuc4902 I would love to be able to make something as amazing as this. . If only I knew how. So breath taking

Odysseus I literally joined just to tell you How awesome I thought you and your twilight princess Cosplay are, It is the BEST Cosplay I have ever seen, You carry yourself so well and truly do justice to the character I didn't think it was possible but you look better than the In Game Zelda I personally am a little partial to your Wind Waker and Skyward Sword Versions But You looked so Amazing and absolutely lovely as Zelda, honestly my jaw hit the floor the first time I saw the photos Thanks for making my day ~Odysseus PS: I seriously hope you won the overall award for your amazing costume

sparrowfrost This is incredible! I would love to do Zelda eventually! Great job!!!

mega kupo absolutely phenominal!!!!!! THE TRIFORCE IS TOTALLY WITH HER!!!

abou123 Honestly, THIS is what cosplay is all about!

Starcreater This is beautiful!!!

deshwitat well what can I comment that hasn't already been typed. This is an amazing cosplay that you look stunning in

NytenGale "grats! been a while since i've been on here!! Happy to see you got another showcase!! :)

Fukada Really beautiful! <3<3

SpinkSapphire Very cool. You deserve this showcase~

accua Amazing !!! (:

zssfanxxx THE BEST ZELDA EVER!!!

Mitsumako You are the best Zelda I've ever seen!! O.O

VortexTenshi Your Zelda Cosplay is amazing (: Are you going to cosplay the Skyward Sword Zelda, too? (: