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Elite Beat Agents

@TR Rose
This costume started off with a forum post by Nanako suggesting these cute costumes. I had never played the game before, so I went and picked up Elite Beat Agents and very much enjoyed it.

For the group, I worked together with HottieNanako and Yukishiro for several months to put the three Diva costumes together. We did everything as a trio for these costumes - shopping for matching shorts, fabric, trim, and some pieces that are underneath the costumes. We worked on the outfits together at Diva sewing meets held at one of our apartments.

We worked together to modify the patterns into Diva clothes - the pants started life as a jeans pattern that we made a mockup of and modified out into chaps. The top was based on a bellydancing top, which we again made a mockup of and modified.

A lot of hard work went into these costumes. Lots of work with unfamiliar materials like pleather and vinyl. And we even choreographed our own dance routine for our cosplay walkon at AFest! Sadly we didn't win any awards (although I thought we did a really good job), but we did have a very enjoyable time getting to be the Divas. We also participated in the 18+ Dating Game at AFest as a single contestant.

This was my first fanservicey costume I've ever done, and it was definitely more comfortable to be part of a group than wandering around on my own. And as someone who was never a cheerleader in high school, it was really fun having my own set of pompoms!

Divas are..... GO!

I definitely plan to wear this costume again in the future. It's just so darn cute, especially as part of a perfectly-matched set.
@TR Rose
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