Sheryl Nome

Macross Frontier



Oh, yes, Sheryl is my new obsession XD

Wig: My lovely Sheryl wig from ayanamisatoru, great wig site with beautiful quality of fibers and colors in their products. (Be warned though, they take FOREVER~ I ordered my wig a little more than a MONTH before the con I was attending and it didn't arrive in time T.T)

Shorts: $6 from strawberry's. Really easy find, and since they are spandex, no gross gripping of my fat thighs! XDD

Top: Made it out of dark teal jersey and mint green cotton (both for $2 a yard, not too bad!)

Braclets: fashion district man, two wood braclets for $5, I love deals XD (I also love the little design on them, it's more fun than plan old wood bangles XP)

Thigh High Stockings:, such a great site for these kinds of things XD

Necklace: Again, I love you NY, and your beautiful places of cosplay shopping. Pretty gold heart and necklace, $5.

Headband: making it from the same dark teal jersey I'm using for Sheryl's top.

Shoes: I got lucky here, I own a pair of gray boots so I will be using those. Purchased them ages ago, sorry, don't remember where :( (Wah, couldn't find my shoes for the Sakura masturi though T.T)

Sunglasses: found a great pair at strawberry's for only $12, pretty nice too, same color, the form's a little different but it suits my face more so yay~!


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