Plastic Man

Batman: The Brave and the Bold



How am I staying in this costume? Magic. Nah, mostly sportstape which was an awful brand that barely stayed on my skin. So doing something else next time. The leotard I bought from Danskin and cut the v-neck in the front and back, then sewed the black strings in there. The belt (somehow) slips over my head and shoulders. The goggles were a pair of $5 sunglasses that I built a foamie frame around to look more like goggles. There's black accents here and there with this costume to replicate the BATB style. The wig is my favorite part of this costume and is my pride and joy~ Started as a Midnight Blue wig from Cosworx, and I sharpied the hell outta it with black, leaving some voids to be the blue-sheen.

Reason #237 as to why I love BATB: it introduced me to Plastic Man. Seriously, if Batman didn't exist, this guy would be my favorite superhero.


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Series Batman: The Brave and the Bold
Character Plastic Man


ClassicDavis I just- wow. This is incredible. I LOVE BATB. It's such an amazing series and it definitely does justice to the comics. I love O' Brian! You pull him off very well and it looks so cartoonish and animated! This makes me want to start on my Green Arrow cosplay now! (No O' Brian. Your assistance is NOT required!)

Kiwiannibalism Haha, this is wonderful. And indeed, the wig looks great.