Maria Renard

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Wow um..This costume challenged me a bit because the tunic was a regualr tunic pattern that had a low dip and sleeves but there was one thing missing. The Collar and the cuffs X3. So I had to have my friend and sister [whoever was near me] measure my collar and sleeve so I could draw a new pattern. Thats right!!! I made my own pattern!!! Yay~!^ ^. The embroider is actually antique french lace that was bought at a Antique shop and the shoes I made using the same material of gold on her collar and sleeves which was a table cloth...> > Hey!!! it worked!!!X3
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Series Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
Character Maria Renard

Ansatsusama AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is amazing saga.

Leonesaurus I like this costume! It came out really good! =P