Selphie Tilmitt (School Uniform)

Final Fantasy VIII

So, my boyfriend did a fantastic Mission Uniform Squall, and by golly... I just had to do Selphie! She's my favorite character from the game, and it was definately fun. The armor and kick-pleated skirt turned out to be not a walk in the park, but all in all, it was worth it. =] I LIKE TRAINS!
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Series Final Fantasy VIII
Character Selphie Tilmitt (School Uniform)

JETG!RL Woooow! This is awesome! Cutest Selphie ever. And your wig... It's incredible. How did you do it!?

shiratorihikaru All of your Selphies are sooo great! The wig is just awesome. Are you planning to do the other versions of her (including the yellow dress with that rope-chaku thing from KH - THIS would be epic)?

SigmaRue Your hair has got to be the most accurate I've ever seen. Super impressed right now. XD

hmwsg x Thank you for the comment Hopie! Like I told Score, you guys are my favorite FF8 cosplayers. Seriously, you make all of the characters come to life and it makes me feel all happy and fuzzy someone did justice for my favorite game.

carladawn So cute!

AikoNoble This is so damn adorable - I love it! You guys are all super cute! :D