Emmett Forrest

Legally Blonde



another suit cosplay, see a pattern yet? It took awhile to decide upon which suit to wear. In the end I selected the grey suit. I went with a less formal tie because it suited the character. I usually carry a harvard ledger that I borrow from my Elle. Overall he came together pretty well.

first off this is a "I need my partner" cosplay. If I don't have my Elle woods, no one knows who I am. However, with Elle I've recieved some pretty nice complements. As it turns out the two of us make a cute couple "omigod, you guys!"

I'll admit, I didn't really want to do this cosplay, but it was something I did for someone else, so that gives this costume some value to me. Overall, I don't wear this if I don't have to, but when I do I usually have a good time. Plus it is fun to hang out with Phoenix Wright people and do objection battles.


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Series Legally Blonde
Character Emmett Forrest


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