Dino Chiavorone


This costume was, one of the easier costumes I've done recently. The only thing I really had to do was add fur to the collar (I got it in my mouth at one point), and edit the tattoos. Someone had scanned the official dino tattoos, but in quite a few areas, they weren't correct, so I photoshopped them and colored them. I love how they came out. However, I didn't press them well enough and they started coming off. I got my first glomp in this costume. It's so comfortable, and although I need a new shirt and need to find some other shoes, but overall, such a fun costume since He and I are both klutzes XD
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Series Reborn!
Character Dino Chiavorone

so lyke raaawr I like your Dino cosplay alot! :3 I was the Rhode Kamelot cosplayer with the pinapple Mukuro at AnimeFEST. Hahaha =3

tealgoddess Hey there! It's me, the girl who cosplayed Chrome at Anime Fest. You can call me what you want, though. Nice costume, by the way!