The Lord of the Rings



I'm doing this costume for a LOTR-larp my friend arranges. I don't have money, time, energy or skills to do his armour, so I'll be a "floating eyeball". I have a hunch that the result will be... interesting 8'D

EDIT 6/21/08:
The mask is finished, next is the cloak~

EDIT 7/1/08:
I finished the whole thing in time and the LARP was on last Sunday. It was awesome, thank you everybody! The evil side won. >''D

EDIT 8/2/10:
I wore the costume again for Ropecon 2010 and made some modifications. The biggest difference is burning and tearing the lower robe - it's not something you can see that well, but personally I like the effect it makes. We held a small photoshoot at the convention, so more pictures to come~


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Series The Lord of the Rings
Character Sauron


Athel I love how you did the Eye of Sauron. The design is very unique.

NytenGale this made me 'lol' nice job! xDD

Summoner_ Oh whoa, Sauron cosplay! \0/ Never seen one.