Bulma Briefs

Dragon Ball



Construction Details:
Pants are made of twill and then I cut off on pant leg. Shirt was purchased at Forever 21. The back pack and leg bag are made of vinyl and I LOVE them since I can carry all my crap in them... even my dragon balls! Gloves and elbow things are made of stretch material. Designs are made of craft foam. Boots are just covered in the same glove fabric. Belt I owned. Goggles are from Ebay. Wig was purchased from another cosplayer. Dragonballs were purchased. :)

Personal Thoughts:
Quick easy costume that still has things I'm not 100% happy with. I didn't get to do my shoulder piece which will be made before I wear it next. I also want to re-do the boots. They are 100% accurate so I want to re work them. Plus the boots I have have no support so they make my feet sore after a while. None the less this costume is very comfy and fun to wear!


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Character Bulma Briefs


girlieshoes Very cute!

Sheik Chan Your description on here..doesn't seem like it was meant for the Bulma costume... I'm confused T____T I love your Bulma though. =)