Kagura Sohma

Fruits Basket



I feel bad just cause I didn't really work on this costume, my mom basically made the dress, and I only made like half of the backpack. :/

Dress: We used Butterick 5453 and added pleats to the lower half of the dress. I then used Simplicity 5840 and altered it a bit for the sleeves. Then we put white (whateverthat zigzag-trim stuff is called) along the neckline for the little zigzag thing she has on hers.

Backpack: I drew the pattern out on the fabric myself. Stuff all of them accept for the body and added the zipper and straps.

Shoes: I've had them for a while, I got them at wal-mart.


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Series Fruits Basket
Character Kagura Sohma


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