Rumble Roses



I love Rumble Roses. I really do. I love that it's campy, cheesy, corny and unapologetic about it's only purpose being women of exorbitant proportions engaging in embarrassing wrestling moves while wearing fetish costumes. Oh and mud fights. And voyeurism.

So of course I wanted to cosplay from it, also cuz nobody does. I originally intended to do Benikage, but since my chest does not defy gravity, Junicorn gladly took her over. I figured Aigle would be the simplest costume to tackle and one I could pull off well, I was deceived by the fact that she wears so little... it was quite a bit of work, also one of the first costumes I sew entirely by myself.

We also had a wrestling show at Florida Supercon where we did a few "matches" and then had real wrestler girls come in for the finale. Their match was truly amazing O_O

This is the only video I could find for the event...


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