Ichimaru Gin




I was inspired by my friend, Flare13, who did a 'Punk Rocker' Gaara. I wanted to have an outfit that matched at least a little, so I went for Gin Ichimaru being at least a little bit punk...Doing what I could to make sure that Gin was still Gin.

I know I don't have the proper build...

Outfit includes blue jeans (to be switched to dark blue), black 'band' shirt, red tie, black/silver hat, Gin wig, and Captains' haori.

Unfortunately, I need to add some things, like making the 'slits' with eyeliner to make it more obvious who I am...Ah well.


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Last Updated 10 years ago
Created 10 years ago
Series Bleach
Character Ichimaru Gin
Variant Punk Rocker


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