Battle Royale School girl

Battle Royale



I always liked the Japanese movie Battle Royale so I thought "why not for cosplay?"

With a little help from my mom, I completed this costume in 2005.

- I bought a collar and made into a working red-led collar with wires and a battery
- We made the skirt, all the details were right placed (the lace etc)
- I printed the map of the island, cut it out and took some frigerator plastic sac which I manufactured so it could hang around my neck
- re-used the same white socks as on miaka but lowered them.
- bought henna coloring shampoo to make my hair black and used some fixing spray
- had some toy gun laying around so I took it with me
- made the red tie out of scrap and used tippex for the B sign
- bought a white long-sleeve blouse
- took a marker and my compass


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Series Battle Royale
Character Battle Royale School girl


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