Yakitate!! Japan



I was particularly happy with the dye job on the shirt. I purchased a chef's top from a uniform supply store, making sure it was 100% cotton. I then bought Ice Blue and Lavender procion dyes from Dharma Trading Co. I entered the fabric weight on the website's calculator, and did two thirds the suggested weight of Ice Blue, and 1/3 the suggested weight of lavender, then followed the instructions from there. The 'P' I had embroidered at a mall kiosk, the trim is various sizes of Navy. I Cut the arms, sewed the buttons, whipped together an ultra-quick apron and I'm done. On retrospect, I should've shelled out for the mini afro, it ended up costing the same amount as the dye job, and almost everyone who recognized me asked why I didn't do it. Plus the convention center wasn't nearly as hot as I was afraid it might be (first con! woo-hoo!)


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Series Yakitate!! Japan
Character Kawachi
Variant Season 1 Pantasia Uniform


minisus I really want to do this cosplay!!! This was one of my favorite animes i have ever watched. seeing how awesome yours turned out is inspiring.

Javakat343 Genius! I have always been afraid of embroidery, but theres a kiosk just like that at my mall! *happy dance*