Summoner Yuna (Amano Version)

Final Fantasy X



This costume was part of a wonderful Final Fantasy / Amano group at Connichi 2006. My first group cosplay, actually! That's why I was really looking forward to it.
I like the Yoshitaka Amano illustration of Yuna much better than the game version, which IMHO is less elegant and fantastic. Though basically, my costume is pretty close to the Game Yuna, as far as the patterns and accessories are concerned. I love the train (made of rainbow-colored organza fabric) that I added as an hommage to the Amano-designed cover icon of the game.

I made a "chibi" Ifrit puppet / marionette for my skit at Frankfurt Bookfair. He received lots of love and hugs^^

Cost: ~200 EUR
Hours: 60

Ifrit ~ 25 EUR, 40 h (2 weeks straight o_o)


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Series Final Fantasy X
Character Summoner Yuna (Amano Version)


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