kaliko_rosa as Mitsui Hisashi

Mitsui Hisashi

Slam Dunk

Red Shohoku Jersey

Cosplayer: kaliko_rosa
This is my first official "ghetto cosplay" lol.

I love Slam Dunk very much, and my favourite character is Mitsui.

I had some leftover fabric from Christmas Zelda costumes, and I tossed together this Shohoku jersey completely from random spare fabrics. The shorts were fabrics hotglued onto my dad's basketball shorts at like 3 am in the morning... the wig we bought for $9 bucks from a party store about 30 minutes before arriving at the convention, hehe.

The entire thing was hotglued except for when the shirt's body. So yep, my second crossplay and my first ghetto cosplay. I totally don't like how I looked in that which is why there is no gallery for this costume.

UPDATE: 2010 -- 5 years later, I've changed my mind and will be adding photos of this costume in a bit :)

But Mitsui.. you rawk