Wallmarket Aeris

Final Fantasy VII



This is the red fancy dress that Aeris wears during the Wallmarket quest in the game Final Fantasy VII. She, Cloud and Tifa all dress like pretty women to get some information in a secret mission! :D Ever since I first played Final Fantasy VII when I was young, I wanted to wear a red dress like Aeris's to a high school dance. Well, high school came, and when I began cosplaying every year I thought "hey, wouldn't it be cool if I actually did make Aeris's dress for Homecoming or Prom?" But it didn't happen... and then it was my senior year, and I thought, aw hell, let's go for it! As is my tradition, it was completed the night before the "con" (in this case, dance). I took creative liberties in pulling this dress from pixels to real life. I picked sparkly red fabric and added a flounce. At the dance I also made a red shawl.


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Series Final Fantasy VII
Character Wallmarket Aeris


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