Minatsuki Saya

Black Cat (manga)



The planning has been confirmed and the pattern is picked out and been given proper adjustments. The next step is to get to the fabric store and buy the fabric so I can get this done in hopefully 3 sessions. If not, no more than five. Saya's kimono's are very simple so sewing it won't be too difficult at all. It's just ensuring that I have enough fabric.

So I'd barely finished it in time for AX, bu it got done and I'm very proud of it. I totally got the flowiness of Saya's sleeves and the patterns painted on came out really really nicely. Many eternal thanks to my sister and friend who stayed up all night helping me paint them on before we drove down to AX. It may be a while before I get some pictures up of the actually costume, but it's done and finished and I'm extremely happy with it.

Well, I brushed the dust off this cosplay for AOD and I'm pulling it out yet again for AX once more. This time, I promise I'll take pictures. ^^;


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Series Black Cat (manga)
Character Minatsuki Saya


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