MaryRyanBogard as Princess Peach Toadstool

Princess Peach Toadstool

Super Mario Bros.

version 1.0

Cosplayer: MaryRyanBogard
This costume is eighteen years overdue! Well, maybe not this exact style of it, but I have wanted to dress up as Peach ever since I first played "Super Mario 2/USA" and saw the "Super Mario Brothers Super Show".

Anyway, my grandmother made the dress and my mother and I worked together on the jewelry. Also, special thanks to fellow Peach cosplayer TR Rose - my crown and brooch were made using the tips I found on her site.

Incidentally, I don't wear a full wig with this costume (just a 3/4 one mixed with my real hair), and the bottom "trim" is actually a built-in petticoat made of the darker material.

This exact version of the costume is retired. The extension was actually more of a hassle than a full wig (especially when it came to putting on the crown on top of it), the crown kept losing its jewels, and the brooch was too heavy for my liking. As such, the hair and jewelry have been replaced. Even though I still use the same dress, I gave the "new" version of this costume its own section.