Dark Link: Ocarina of Time

The Legend of Zelda



My OoT costume and Forcebewitya's are kinda "linked". Whenever one of us does something to improve upon this costume, the other soon follows.

I got a wig, he's going to get the same one. He's upgrading his gauntlets with a new technique, so will I. I bought Aaron's props, and now he did too! XD We'll finally be pretty much 100% identical. I'm excited! ^_^


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Series The Legend of Zelda
Character Dark Link: Ocarina of Time
Variant OoT Dark Link with chainmail


skads ¿Tu tienes vida social?

InkyLink Yeah, I wish we had a workshop, just a freezy garage with no heat! Hope to see you someday as well with your completed Roy ^_^

InkyLink lol agreed. That's one reason I haven't been able to make my props yet! It still gets to below freezing some nights here. I'm in Wisconsin so I feel your pain.

InkyLink Thanks! They're fiberglass and they are made by Aaron of fiberglassblades.com. Take a look at his site, it's pretty amazing. Now, a year later I think I could make something similar myself, though I'm sure not quite as good. I belive I've figured out the process though for the most part so I'll be making them over the summer, I don't have time before ACEN T^T.

InkyLink Hey, and thanks for the compliments! I would love to help you with your situation, but honestly, I have NO idea how to do a budget cosplay! lol I'm not good with the time factor either! It takes me a really long time to make my costume. I'm actually trying to finish up my new Dark Link cosplay for ACEN as well, and it's only at about %30 right now! .v_v. It's costing me lots of money too, since I use really expensive materials. So you see I can't really help! So sorry! Maybe you could ask the Zelda thread though. They will be able to help you there! I could help you with something really elaborate and painstaking, but cheap and effective is not my forte! .v_v. Again, sorry! ^_^' -InkyLink

nephia Wonderful job on your dark link cosplay..... I have a quick couple questions for you....I have ACen coming up in a couple of weeks and I myself am looking to do Dark Link for a cosplay, problem being I have a limited budget, and not much time, nor do I own a sewing machine or know anyone who has one. So that being said how can I throw together a dark link cosplay quickly, for cheap, and with limited resources? Also I'm a plus sized gal so tha needs to be taken into account as well....any advice would be greatly appriciated! Thanks!