Genprey Armor

Monster Hunter



This is by far my most favorite costume!! I'm still missing some armor parts, but it was AWESOME to wear to Megacon 2010. So many Monster Hunter fans came up to talk about the game that I was squealing and excited like some herp derp moron. Even people walking by yelling UPGRADE YOUR ARMOR, THE GENPREY IS HELLA-WEAK had me doubled over with laughter.

Everything is pretty basic. I used about twelve cubic feet of individually cut scales to blanket the costume, sealed them with elmers glue and spray painted them. All the silver pieces are made with metal flashing, then edged with liquid leading. I hammered in jean rivets to shape them, because I find them more sturdy than other types. The shoes are old BUSINESS ones with metal riveted in them, and the front parts of the shoes actually have extra foam layered over them to extend them. Everything connects by grommets, rivets or belt buckles, and it's actually a pretty comfortable costume!

My sword is insulation foam, with a curtain rod inside for support, wrapped in gutter mesh, duct taped and then covered in scales. Since the genprey is often in the desert, I used sandpaper for some small details just to give it some interesting texture.

The Guild healer with me is Nekomimichan, and she also made the BBQ which has a working fan and fake flames to simulate the in-game effect. I would NEVER have finished my costume if she hadn't shown me pics of it. It light a fire (der her her) under my butt and got me to crank out my costume in time for the shoot!


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Series Monster Hunter
Character Genprey Armor
Variant Blademaster sword and shield


rasgar That looks better than the felt I used for my MH armor...

Spazmodroid ma'am, you have crazy cool skills.

Foos Yeah! We seriously need to team up again in the very near future. It was so freaking fun! That BBQ had many, many fans!

NekoMimiChan I had so much fun with you as Monster Hunters! Let's do it again sometime ::wink:: We're neighbors in the gallery too!