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The Rose of Versailles



Another dream costume that I finally made!!! I made EVERYTHING from the underwear out....the corset, chemise, panniers, pockets, foundation petticoat, garters, choker, shoes, underskirt, and overdress. I've taken a notoriously UN-historical BeruBara costume (made even LESS period by Takarazuka) and made it a period piece.

The gown is made of a hand-woven, low slub silk dupioni and rustles like no one's business. It is a french style sacque back gown (or robe francaise), with Watteau pleats on the back and a polonaise front. Undergarments are done in fine cottons, as would befit 18th century royalty. Corset is heavily boned with cable ties and covered in a rococo patterned cotton. The full court panniers are hooped with steel hoop boning and tied with ribbons to create the oblong shape. Pannier shape changed throughout the 18th century, and this shape is representative of the mid to late century, just before the popularity of the chemise a la reine eclipsed the robe francaise as the gown of choice.

Gown embellishments are reminiscent of the red finale gown from Takarazuka's 2001 production of "Berusaiyu no Bara: Antoinette to Fersen hen." Included are sequin/beaded appliques (handsewn on), rhinestone chain, vintage lace, and hotfix rhinestones. A period-representative box-pleated ruffle on the petticoat rounds out the embellishments.

I also made one of the bouquets from the lights up just like the Takarazuka ones do!


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Series The Rose of Versailles
Character Marie Antoinette
Variant Takarazuka version: Fersen to Marie Antoinette hen 2001


MalteseLizzie This is an amazing costume, and I admire your attention to period detail

namine1987 love it congrats on the win lady you are beautiful. I was the sakura that huged you :)

silent_dreaming This gown is really beautiful! I love that you took such an iconic gown and made it period without sacrificing recognizability. Fabulous job. ^^