arora_kayd as Reeve Tuesti

Reeve Tuesti

Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus

Cosplayer: arora_kayd
I'm helping my friend make his very first costume. Only fair since he was most helpful in making my Vincent costume.

May 15: I have a pattern and all my fabric. Huzzah! Just missing a few embelishment type things.

June 6: I finished the pants! Lag? Me? Never!

August 4: Back of coat sewn. But I ran out of lining and am waiting for costume-ee to wake up so we can buy more.

September 3: So the coat itself is done. It just needs some tailoring and all the embellishments. I might just finish this thing before Yaoi Con.
I'll try to get a picture up.

Oct 23 - It is finished. I wash my hands of it. Pictures after this weekend.