White Lulu (Original Design)

Final Fantasy X



I've been dreaming of this costume ever since my first Lulu cosplay. Kind of like... Lulu as white mage, as a bride, or as a ghost (which is my favorite explanation^^)

It's an accurate, inverted version of "Black" Lulu, with just a few original touches (the use of ice blue fur and "bling-bling" belts, basically, as I loved how they matched with the white color of the dress.) I improved on a number of things compared to my first Lulu costume, and I really love how it came out. (And I love Lulu even more now ^_^) Definitely one of my favorite costumes ever.

Cost: EUR 375 / USD 500
Hours: unknown! (100+)


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Created 13 years ago
Series Final Fantasy X
Character White Lulu (Original Design)


Toria Oh this is really awesome!! I have my own idea for Lulu and I hope it turns out to be as fabulous as this!! *W*

Hakubi Michi du bist PRIMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SasukeRoxMySox buffest thing ive ever seen *-*

lawrencecasher beautiful nice original design! Maybe lulu is happy?

Solitiri EPIC!!!

Chibi-Cat wonderful idea! do you mind if i use your version?

al-bhed-gurl like it! cool idea... one thing is off (not a complaint though) the red eyes thats all