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I had both Samantha and Felicity as a kid, and I've wanted to make Felicity's ballroom dress for ages. Unlike my Samantha dress, I wanted to make my own since I don't like the "official" version which was sold for a time, and I didn't think the child's design would fit me well anyway, given the Colonial style more form-fitting than the Victorian poofyness. When the theme for this year's cosplay tea party was announced as Marie Antoinette/Revolutionary style, it was the perfect excuse to make it.

This dress came down to the wire; I made it in four days and it is completely hand sewn using a modified Simplicity Colonial pattern. I love the fabric - I brought Felicity's dress (yes, I still have all the doll stuff) to the fabric store with me and found a color and texture which was a perfect match. I was pretty happy with how it came out, although it still needs a bit of finishing.

Icon pic by the lovely Animechicky.


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Character Felicity Merriman


twobluestripes SO lovely! and lucky that the gown you wanted to make was the perfect era for the tea!

Dahlia_Wright i loved my felicity doll! you did a great job on this

GorgeousAstro OMG YES! You've done such an amazing job on this costume! Felicity was my favorite American Girl growing up, too. I was never fortunate to own the doll, but I remember desperately wanting to own one with all the matching outfits for the doll and for me. Heart heart heart!!!