Mikazuki Akane as Jin Kisaragi

Jin Kisaragi

BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger

Cosplayer: Mikazuki Akane
How could I NOT love this guy? He is a Ky look alike after all. XD
I am kidding. Though, it does play a part. Heh.
The main reason is because I am a huge fighting games follower and this game is produced by 2 members who worked with the Guilty Gear series (which I so love) project. When I saw the initial releases and videos, I fell in love with the game.
And needless to say, Jin Kisaragi. His personality matches what I like in characters and the fact that he's kinda on the mentally unstable side is love. ^^;
Though he does have a little resemblance to Ky.

I must say, this costume CAN get annoying to construct at times. And the 2 useless strips that miraculously does not trip him to his death in fights. *laughs*
Many thanks to Janet for solving the construction problems and Himawari for the sketches!